About us

Grid Finder is where racers find racing, real & virtual.

Grid Finder was founded by Tom in late 2020 when he was looking for a place to race F1 2019 online. Sim racing is growing in popularity and new leagues and communities are started every day. Grid Finder was re-built by Chris Honniball in early 2021, he designed the site to make it easy for drivers to find racing and league admins to fill their grids.

Grid Finder is now servicing the same requirements for “real-world” racers in UK Club Motorsport. Rather than drivers filtering their search by gaming platform and racing title, drivers filter by budget and track time. Grid Finder also provides a space for Arrive & Drive teams and service providers to advertise to drivers who are thinking about their next season of racing.

The Grid Finder team is a group of friends who love motorsport and sim racing. We devote our time to building tools that help drivers and that help those people who “make racing happen”.

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