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Use Grid Finder to Choose Your Next Race Series

04/04/2022, 17:07:21

When you want to get into circuit racing it can be seriously overwhelming seeing all the available options and championships running in the UK. That’s why we’ve created the Grid Finder platform to collate all the information into one place and make it easy for you to choose which race series you want to participate in. 

We know from speaking to many racing drivers that there are four main areas that drivers take into account when deciding which series to race in. These criteria are discipline, cost, arrive & drive vs. own car, and track time. 

In this article, we’ll go through each criteria so you can understand how to choose the race series best suited to you and your needs this year!


The discipline categorises the types of car that you want to race in. This could be single seater, saloon cars, sports prototype, or sports cars and GT’s. You may have a car in mind that you want to race or you may even own one and are limited by what you can enter with it. Selecting options from this list will help to tailor your search to only include race series that allow your chosen type of car to participate. 

Arrive & Drive/Own Car

This is pretty self-explanatory, but this option allows you to tailor between arrive & drive offers for a series and own car entries. If you’re not sure what an arrive & drive package is, then check out our article on it elsewhere on this site. 


Cost is one of the biggest limiters in motorsport, so if you have a budget for each round you can set that here. The cost is factored in as per round and per individual driver, so bear that in mind when you’re setting your limits.

Track Time

And finally, track time. This is the amount of track time you can expect in a race weekend. Some series offer as little as 15 minutes per race (sprint) whereas the endurance series offer far more, though usually at a higher price.

Further criteria

Once you’ve clicked search and seen your results, you’ll notice there are a few more details that may help you decide if that series is right for you. On each result card we’ve included the average grid size of each event, and the number of events in the series. This can help you determine whether it’s worth racing in as many as you can for that series or just doing the odd one depending on your schedule. For further details of each series, click the result card where you’ll find contact details and websites. 

As time goes on we’ll have more and more race series and arrive and drive programmes for you to choose from, as we work towards being the most comprehensive search tool for motorsport circuit racing in the UK. In the meantime, get searching and finding your next move on the grid!

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