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How To Become A Racing Driver

03/03/2022, 17:16:26

If you want to become a racing driver and get started in motorsport, this article will help you go racing in the UK. This guide covers specifically circuit racing in the UK. Please note, routes into motorsport may differ across different disciplines and countries. If ever you’ve watched club level British motorsport and wondered how you can get involved, then this article is for you.

Just like driving on the road, the first thing you’ll need is a race licence. To achieve this, you need the Motorsport UK “Go Racing” pack, which is available to purchase from their website. This contains your licence application form, along with several useful resources to help you prepare for your test. Motorsport UK are the governing body for all motorsport in this country.

The racing licence test is known as the ARDS test. ARDS stands for the Association of Racing Driver Schools. Several venues around the UK are approved to administer ARDS tests, and the experience you get should be similar irrespective of which venue you choose. There will be a written element and a practical element to your assessment.

The written element tests your knowledge of the Motorsport UK Blue Book, which is the definitive collection of sporting and technical regulations for motorsport in the UK. The topics that will be assessed as part of the ARDS test are covered by the instructional content in the “Go Racing” pack. The practical test involves taking to the race track in a car with an instructor to demonstrate you can circulate safely while retaining full control of the car. Pass both, and you can apply for your race licence.

The next step is to choose what you want to race. Many will gravitate to a series or championship they’ve been involved with either as a fan or a member of the paddock, but for those starting out for the first time, it can be difficult to know what’s available and how much it will cost. Key things to consider, in addition to your budget, are the type of car you’d like to race, how much track time you get per race event and the size of the grid you’ll be racing with, amongst others.

Fortunately, Grid Finder have some key tools to make the process of researching, comparing and contacting various race series and organisers more streamlined and less stressful. Use the ‘Browse’ function to quickly find contact details for any series or championship in the UK and your enquiry will be sent directly to the representative best placed to help you. Or, alternatively, use the powerful ‘Search’ tool to define your most important parameters such as cost and track time, then view details for your personalised search results to compare various series and championships on the metrics that matter most to you.

Once you’ve signed yourself up for a new race series – and probably parted with a healthy sum of cash – you’re nearly ready to go! Buy motorsport equipment such as helmet, race suit and other racewear to get yourself fully kitted out.

Finally, motorsport is a community of enthusiasts all keen to help each other out and as such it’s important to get involved, as the bigger your network the easier it becomes to find support. Join communities and groups relevant to your chosen series or area of interest. If you’re racing entry level motorsport, Club Racing UK operates a great online community and Facebook page to help those new to racing get started.

There are a multitude of businesses and service providers that can help you get started or help you make progress through the ranks of UK motorsport. Grid Finder maintains an extensive directory of racing-related companies that may be of interest to anyone looking to get involved in motorsport in the UK. Find useful contacts using the ‘Browse’ tool.

Ultimately, going racing is fantastic fun and an experience unlike anything else. So get out there and enjoy it! We look forward to seeing you out on track!

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