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Grid Finder Launches Racing Team - From Sim Racing to Real World Motorsport

10/03/2022, 15:55:46

Grid Finder has entered a 4-driver team into the 2022 UK EnduroKA series. Grid Finder’s driver lineup consists of 2 experienced drivers and 2 rookies. Toby Owen & Darren S. Cook (right) make up the experienced tranche of the team and Tom S. Bunten & Chris Haye (left) are the team’s novice drivers for 2022.

Our Mission

  • To trailblaze and document the journey from sim racing to real-world racing
  • To show the world that it’s possible to make the switch on a reasonable budget
  • To have fun whilst we’re doing it
  • Pole position and P1 at EVERY race… 😏 (Maybe not this one!)

Our team will document the journey from sim racing to “real life” racing throughout the season. Darren Cook is a multi-award winning documentary maker, best known in the motorsport world for directing Believe & Achieve: The Team Brit Story. 2021. Chris Haye is a successful YouTube content creator who has grown a community of sim racing enthusiasts through his high-quality, honest sim racing videos. Chris and Darren will be working together to create 2 separate documentaries about the team’s progress; one for Chris Haye’s YouTube channel and one for TV. 

Club motorsport in the UK is far more accessible than many people think. Since Covid-19, thousands of motorsport fans have entered the world of sim racing. The step up from sim racing to “real” motorsport might seem unachievable, but for the price of a mid- to high-end turn-key simulator package, a driver could pay for a season of EnduroKA with a reasonable Arrive & Drive team.


The team will take to the track in a Ford KA Mk1 1300cc (produced between 2002 and 2008) in a series designed to “exhibit driving excellence and car control in the absence of vehicle and technical development”. The car is built and maintained by Graves Motorsport.

Cars must be standard with the exception of:

- Control suspension (shocks and springs)

- Control front brake pads

- Control tyres

- Control roll-cage


The EnduroKA series will take the team to 6 tracks around the UK.

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